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In early 2005, Rebecca and I packed up everything we owned into a Penske truck and moved with our one-year-old daughter from South Florida to West Hartford. We left behind family, friends, and full-time vocational ministry to launch a church that nobody asked us to start in a place where nobody was waiting for us to come.

Nonetheless, we came for a simple reason…we sensed God telling us to. He gave a clear call and a compelling vision:

“Revolutionizing lives through the revelation of God.”

Since that time we have grown from three people to more than 700 who call Calvary their church home. Over the years, we have seen God transform lives in front of our eyes. Many people have given their lives to Jesus, been baptized, and taken all types of spiritual steps in their walk with Christ. God has multiplied us over the years in ways we never fathomed.

Since Calvary began, we have met in five portable locations and each has been an important step in our history as a church. As we look to the future, we believe it is time to have a church home we can call our own; a place where we will not be limited by the restraints of rented facilities, but only by our imagination.

We sense it is now time to take a bold new step of faith. But this time it’s different; it isn’t just a journey for one family to take but rather for an entire church to take! It’s time to seize our divine moment and partner with God to find and build our first permanent church home. Our Multiply campaign launching this fall will challenge, inspire, and encourage everyone who calls Calvary Fellowship their church home to work together toward building our future.

Something important to understand is that Multiply is not just about building a building, it’s about building people. We will all be challenged to take big steps of faith together. We will all be challenged to go to the next level of praying, serving, and giving in order to reach the next level of where God wants us to be as a church, both physically and spiritually.

Don’t miss this moment! I’m so glad Rebecca and I did not say “no” when God called us to start Calvary Fellowship. We’ll always have the privilege of knowing that God started something much bigger than us through that step of faithful obedience. Likewise, as this opportunity is before you, I encourage you to say “yes” to God so that you can have the privilege of knowing that you helped advance God’s kingdom in a big, powerful way at a critical time because you chose to seize the divine moment in front of you.

Let’s respond and watch God continue to multiply!


Pastor Bill

P.S. Take a look at the video below to see where we started on our journey.