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Multiply Opportunities: We will find and build a future church home to better serve every age group in our church and community, and be a home base for future church plants and campus launches.

Multiply Leaders: Multiply is not just about building a building, but also building up people throughout the campaign and beyond as we work together on a home base that is not limited by the restraints of rented facilities.

Multiply Disciples: A primary component of our mission has always been to pursue lost people like Jesus did. Having a permanent presence will help us to be more visible and credible to our community. It is our prayer that a large percentage of our expected growth will come from people who are not yet connected to God.

Why do this?

God has given Calvary great favor over the years and we have grown in size to be in the 95th percentile of churches in America with more than 500 people in average weekly attendance. We celebrate our story and at the same time we recognize that in order to properly care for the people God has entrusted to us, and to reach many more people who do not yet know Jesus, we need to move beyond the limitations of meeting in rented facilities in order to enjoy the stability, visibility, and credibility a permanent church home provides.

What is it going to take?

We are still finalizing the costs of this project but it is safe to say it will be somewhere in the 7-9 million dollar range. We currently have more than 1 million in a money market from our previous “Go Big” campaign and from intentional savings through fiscal stewardship. We also have a general loan commitment from Converge (the denomination we are affiliated with) to borrow 4-6 million dollars. This means we need to raise at least another 1.5 million dollars from within our existing church body to turn the building from dream to reality. This is a large but achievable number.

However, to get to where we’ve never been before will require all of us to engage in this process like we’ve never done before.

What does engagement look like?

For this to work our entire church body will need to be fully engaged in the effort in three major areas: Prayer engagement, practical engagement and financial engagement. Scripture tells us, Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. We want God to be front and center from beginning to end in this endeavor so we will be challenging people to pray daily, or at least weekly for the entire process. Financially, we are asking everyone to give generously and sacrificially above their regular tithes and offerings in a way that stretches their faith and pleases God.


The campaign will run through 2020. Completion of our future church home will be approximately one year from the day we acquire the property.